We want you to have a stress free experience before, during and after your special day.

Over the years we have done lots of events and have met and made a lots of friends in DFW area. Through this page (FAQ’s) our goal is not only to explain what we do but also to help you understand photo booth rental service. We have many brides and hosts that have contact us in the last minute because their photo booth vendor was not able to fulfill their promise for one reason or another.

We hope you work with us but we understand you have choices. Our hope is that through this page you will know what questions to ask when you speak with another vendor.

How many booths do you have?
This is a great question and very important question. We currently have 17 booths and 32 staff members. We only rent out 16 booth and hold 1 back as the emergency photo booth. When you plan your special event months in advance, you want to work with a company that has the resources to handle any emergency situations. We've done hundreds of events, and have yet to cancel or miss one. This is not by chance, but because of our diligent planning. We understand you don’t have the option to “re-do” your special day and we take our responsibility very seriously. If you book with a “one man show” photo booth vendor, you run the risk of equipment problems, an operator getting sick, or even car trouble or accidents. At Dallas Photo Booth, we have multiple booths, and large number of trained professional staff. We will make sure you never have to worry about us! Because we have large inventory, we are also able to handle events that require multiple photo booths and/or handle multiple sites at the same time.
Are you insured?
Most clients don’t think about this until they learn that the venue requires all vendors to provide evidence of insurance. We not only carry a 2 million dollar general liability policy, but we also carry full professional insurance. We can provide your venue with acord listing them as a certificate holder.
How soon should I reserve my booth?
Most of our photo booth clients book at least few months in advance. Even though we have 17 photo booths for rent, we are usually sold out for most weekends (particularly on Saturdays). Sunday through Thursday we will generally have availability even on short notice.
Is a deposit required to hold a date?
If you're a new client, we require a minimum $50 deposit to reserve a photo booth/date. Our repeat clients do not have to make a deposit, and our corporate/business clients can have their bookings confirmed with a PO (purchase order).
When is the balance due?
If you are paying with cash or check, the balance is due on the day of the event If you are paying with credit card, we ask that you make the final payment the day before. If you are a corporate/business client with a purchase order you will be invoiced for your photo booth rental the day after the event.
If my venue changes, will I incur additional costs?
There will be no additional costs, unless the new location is outside our service area. We cover a 60-mile radius from downtown Dallas. If so, we will still work with you but there may be a small travel fee to cover the cost.
What If I don’t know the start and end times when I reserve the booth?
No problem. We understand you may not know the exact start and end times when you reserve a photo booth vendor months in advance. We do not double book our booths. Once you reserve a booth it’s yours for the day.
Can we extend the time on the day of the event?
Of course you can. Most people don't realize how much fun a properly run photo booth can be until they notice the long line well after the event contract time has ended. In most cases, we will stay a little extra to make sure your guests are happy. If you need us to stay longer we can do that for additional per hour charge to cover staff and material costs.
Do you charge for set up and break down time?
NO – you do not pay for travel or setup and break down. We normally arrive 1 hour before the event starts time to set up and test. We do not charge for this time. If you need us to set up earlier than 1 hour, we do have a “downtime” option you can utilize.
Do you offer unlimited prints and is that included in the base package?
Great question. We offer truly unlimited printing. In our booths we can have 12 to 15 people at one time. If they all want to have a copy we will print them a copy - no questions, no extra charges. There are some providers that will tell you “unlimited 2x6 dual prints or single 4x6”. Basically what that means is that you will get 2 copies of the photo strip or 1 copy of the larger postcard size per “session”. What if you have 4 people in the “session”? Make sure there are no additional fees for additional prints. Make sure you read the fine print!
Are we limited to the amount of times we can go into the booth or is there a limit on the amount of photos we can have?
No limit – you can have as many photos within the time of the contract.
What size are the prints?
Standard prints are 2"x6," high quality photos with a glossy format. You may upgrade to unlimited 4"x6" or 5"x7" prints for an additional cost.
How many photos are printed on each strip?
Each photo strip is customizable. We can design 3, 4, etc. - it’s up to you!
Can we add a special message to the photo strips? Is that an extra charge?
Absolutely! No, there is no extra charge. We custom design the photo strips for each event. We can add custom writing, logos, etc. Anything you wish!
How big of an area do you require and how big is the booth?
The booth measures 8 feet high by 7 feet by 7 feet – the area we require is about 8X8. Our enclosures can be as small as 4X4 and as big as 8x8 or anything in between. Our booths are customizable; we can configure it to fit your space. We can also do “Open air” with backdrop or with out backdrop. We prefer an 8x8 space for the booth and room for a 6' prop table close by but if space is a constraint we can adjust.
Can the booths get up stairs?
Absolutely! Our booths break down into 2 custom flight cases. Please note that certain situations require extra staff, so please let us know about any stairs during the booking time.
Do you set up outside? If so, are there any charges I should know about?
Our “enclosed booths” are designed for indoor. Our “open air” configuration can be utilized outdoors, as long as it’s under a covered area or in a tent. We do not set up photo booths in the open air due to weather/rain concerns. We also require solid surface (concrete or wooden deck) to setup the booth (not over grass or loose gravel / dirt) We do offer a special 8x8 custom photo booth tent for outdoor events. Please call us for more information.
Where should we setup the booth?
We recommend having it in the main room where most of your guests will be. We understand that there can be space constraints - we are very flexible and can set up almost anywhere.
Are photo booth attendants an important part of your package?
At Dallas Photo Booth, we believe the staff on site with the booth is as important as the booth itself. In order to make sure your guests have an enjoyable and memorable experience we must make sure we have engaging, outgoing and professional staff. All of our staff members are selected and trained with this goal in mind. We want our staff make sure your guests gets the help they need through clear and courteous communication. We will make sure they are having fun, you will never catch us sitting on a stool waiting for someone to show up to take the picture. The level of service you get from our team before the event, during the event and after the event will be second to none! Our service is what separates us from the rest.
How long does it take to set up the booth?
We allow up to 1 hour for set up. Generally we only need about 30 minutes to setup but we like having a few minutes extra to make sure we are 100% ready by the start time.
Do you bring props?
Yes, absolutely. All of our packages come with all kinds of fun and glamorous props. We will also have special signs to go with your event (for example: for weddings we will have wedding signs, for birthdays we will have birthday signs). If you have props of your own, you are welcome to bring those, too.
Is there a minimum amount of time that we can rent the booth?
Photo booths are generally rented by the hour and packages/prices are based on the number of hours. We do have a 1 hour package (our cocktail hour package) but it’s a lot more cost effective to go with multiple hours. The first 2 hours are the most expensive due to of travel, setup times, etc. You will see the cost per hour drop once the 3rd hour begins.
Are your photo booths capable of doing videos?
Yes, they can. Contact us for more information.
Can you do a “Green Screen”?
Yes, we can. Green screen is a bit misleading when associated with “photo booths”. If you'd like to know more, give us a call. We do offer "green screen packages" you can get more information under our services tab.
Are there different types of booths in the market?
Yes, absolutely. Sometimes we find ourselves competing against people with “homemade” or “DIY” booths. Anyone can technically build a booth... and we have unfortunately seen some of them. Our booths are all commercially made. We have many different styles for you to choose from. We will work with you during booking time to decide the best booth for your event. If you'd like to learn more about our booths, visit our booth page.
Do we receive digital copies of the photos?
Yes you will. The host will receive a USB at the end of the event with a digital copy of all photos taken during the event. We also have additional options for getting the files to you at a later date if needed.
Do you have an online picture gallery?
Yes. With your written permission we can upload all the pictures to an online picture gallery. You and your guests will be able to view, download and share those photos at your leisure. We can have these picture open to public or have it restricted with a password for you.
Do you offer Social Media or E-mail sharing options?
Absolutely. You and your guest will be able to upload pictures to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and you can also text or email pictures immediately after the photos are taken. We provide an “IPAD on a stand” that can be used to upload these photos so photo booth can continue to take more pictures.
What are the electrical / power requirements for the booth?
All we will need is to have access to just 1 outlet (regular building / 110 outlet) within about 50 ft. of where we will be setting up. We will have extension cords.
What if we have more questions?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you. Call or Text us at 469-751-7331.
Do you offer generator for outdoor events?
Yes we do. We are the only photo booth company that has our own generator. Cost of the generator is only $25/hr.
Do you offer scrapbook?
Yes of course. We have high quality special scrapbooks made for photo booth strips. We will provide everything you need and have an extra staff member on site to make sure you will have an awesome keep sake book at the next of the event. Please ask us about our scrapbook options.
What other services does Dallas Photo Booth offer?
Dallas Photo Booth primary focus is Photo Booth Rental service in DFW area. Our parent company DPB Unlimited LLC. have other services such as: Green Screen packages Step and Repeat Shoot and Print Corporate head shot packages Event Photography Video Services Paparazzi Photographers for your red-carpet events and more.
What's your booking process?
Very simple! Everything is done online. Once you decide to book with us you will provide us with your name, email address, phone number, event date / time and event location if known. We will add you to our booking system and you will receive 2 emails. 1st email will have an online link to your service agreement that you can view and sign from your phone or desktop. 2nd email will have your login information to our client portal. One you login to your own personal portal you will be able to make your $50 deposit online. We keep the process simple, transparent and make sure our clients are always involved in every step of the process.
Can we choose our backdrop?
Yes of course. We have lots of different backdrops in our inventory that you can choose from. You can see these backdrops on our website under booths, enclosure & Backdrops tab. Gold and Platinum packages include all backdrops. We can also custom design backdrops for you. Please check with us for more information.
Can we have our name, logo, etc. added to our print template?
Yes of course. Not only name and logo but we will custom design the photo strip design for you. We have graphics designers on our team that will work with you to specially design a template that is just for you. We can take your invitation design or use your wedding / event colors, or create a template in your theme. We are the ONLY photo booth company that will custom design every single event. Most vendors will just write your name or date on a standard template....not Dallas Photo Booth. If you like to see some of our past designs please visit our "custom photo strips" tab under events tab.
What is your service area and do you charge for travel?
Our "standard service area" is ~50 mile radius from down town Dallas. We have traveled outside of our normal service area to accommodate our clients that really wanted us to be part of their special day and are willing to pay extra for travel. We have gone as far as Southaven, MS. We also have corporate clients that want us to travel with them to A&M, OU, etc. and we will. No cost for travel within our "normal service area" but if you are outside of that area please contact us and we will make it happen for you.
Do you offer unlimited prints?
Great question and the answer is yes! Many photo booth vendors will state "unlimited photos" or "unlimited dual prints"....there is a difference. We offer unlimited prints, no questions. If there are 10 people in the picture we will print them 10 copies.
What is the difference between "Open air" booths and "Enclosed booths"
This is a question we get asked as lot. All the photo booths (besides the ones that you see at the mall) are generally a single stand alone unit that can be used as "open air" or enclosed. When it's configured as an "Open air setup" you will be able to see the booth, almost always there will be a backdrop setup across from the booth and your guest will stand in front of the backdrop when taking their pictures. In an open air configuration others int he room will be able to see those taking the picture. This will make it more engaging and fun. In out experience Open air setups are lot more entertaining. When it's an "enclosed" booth setup there will be an enclosure built around the booth. There are 2 types of enclosures (a) pipe and drape system ("standard enclosure" and (b) LED Cube enclosure.The actual booth is the exact same unit that is used for open air setup but when enclosed you won't be able to see the booth or guests taking the pictures. Price is the same for standard enclosure or open air setup. Choice is yours.